Moss Island Movie Minute: Sleeping With Other People (2015)

I‘m just going to say it: writer/director Leslye Headland’s Sleeping With Other People is the movie Amy Schumer thought she was making this year (and should-have/would-have made, except for Judd Apatow.) Sure, it borrows its structure from When Harry Met Sally, but at least the moral of the story is fresh.

Movie Minute iconAlison Brie, of Community and Mad Men fame, is serious movie star material here.  By that, I mean old-school – the Katherine Hepburn/Paul Newman kind, who can act and deliver well-timed zingers as well as look nice.  Jason Sudeikis is fine as Brie’s foil, but it’s her movie.  She’s a mess and wants what’s not good for her, but she’s not forced to repent before she gets her happy ending.  (Headland eventually plays nice with rom-com wish fulfillment, but she takes  diversions along the way.)

David Edelstein observed that this is a new kind of screwball comedy, “because the emotions are screwball. Can’t studios hire people who don’t just want to sleep with superheroes or *shudder* Judd Apatow?” (Seriously – enough with Apatow, who rehashes 50’s sitcom drivel with naughty bits.) Headland’s fresh, feminist take on romance is one of the best movies of 2015.