On Friday, Ireland voted to allow same-sex marriage. 62 percent in favor, with over 60 percent of eligible voters casting ballots. That’s huge, especially when you consider Ireland’s reputation for religious observance. (Maybe that’s what tipped the scales? Worth thinking about, America. As one woman said, “We’re pro-family, so of course we voted in favor of same-sex marriage.”) I shed a few tears of joy, despite my own attitude toward marriage.

While [Christians] polish their halos and conduct their lives in ways their faith suggests God likes, young people are dying. They are committing suicide because they loathe themselves, because they have been convinced they have no place in society… YOUNG PEOPLE ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE BECAUSE OF CHRISTIANS. Christians who whine because [gay activist] Dan Savage calls them on it. Impolitely. Well, now my 15 year-old is calling them on it, too.