The song is so catchy, it makes you root for the guy who won’t take no for an answer. Our cultural norm, constantly reinforced in music and movies, is that a little resistance is good, but real men are persistent and get what they want in the end; furthermore, women like it that way.

Orgasm Inc. is funny. The best moment is when Liz Canner reveals that the erotic film she’d edited caused almost as many positive reactions in the placebo test group. The drug wasn’t working, but they’d proven that “women like porn.”

Brothers and sisters, we all know there’s nothing God hates more than good sex, and nothing that pleases Him more than a public school health instructor who teaches abstinence. Today on our show, we’re blessed to have Bob Jenkins, who’s just published a book, “For God’s Sake, Don’t Have Sex.” Bob, welcome to the program…

My own sex education was covered formally and awkwardly in eighth grade, then entirely corrupted by Christians a few years later. I was seduced at 17 by a college-aged youth group leader, and cast away from the group by another leader who was sleeping with one of my friends.