On Friday, Ireland voted to allow same-sex marriage. 62 percent in favor, with over 60 percent of eligible voters casting ballots. That’s huge, especially when you consider Ireland’s reputation for religious observance. (Maybe that’s what tipped the scales? Worth thinking about, America. As one woman said, “We’re pro-family, so of course we voted in favor of same-sex marriage.”) I shed a few tears of joy, despite my own attitude toward marriage.

I took a week off from Moss Island and didn’t record a podcast either. The world kept turning. Riots in Baltimore, candidates pandering, more Cosby accusers, Antonin Scalia mentally composing ways to say “The founders never intended to allow gay marriage…” Social media posts and tweets and shares all insisting, “If only everybody in the world could be just like me things would be wonderful.” And the New York Times wrote a piece about toilet seat bidets.