Foreverly (2013)

Cover albums are typically multi-artist hodge-podges; the only time entire albums are covered by a single band is usually in concert, and most of those seem to be performed by Phish. The Bird and the Bee issued a surprisingly well-received collection from the Hall and Oates catalog with 2010’s Interpreting the Masters Volume 1 (still not sure if that’s an ironic title, but it’s a great album.) Even that wasn’t a recreation, per-se.

In what should be a stunt, Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have recreated the Every Brothers’ second album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (1958) in its entirety, with only a couple of sequencing changes. Punk meets lounge-jazz at the pre-birth of rock and roll. It’s a revelation.

Green Day’s lead singer is a sonic dead ringer for a long-lost Everly, and Jones compliments him perfectly (and vice versa). I thought The Civil Wars did folk harmonies better than anyone, but I was wrong. This record was recorded and mixed in just nine days, and its pleasures are at once simple and deeply felt. The spare instrumentation highlights the voices, and it’s a brisk 46 minutes of bliss. Unless you have ADHD, you should love this album.