Top Ten Reasons to See Fiddler on the Roof at Proctor High School (2018)


10. A high school musical is a kind of miracle. Hundreds of people come together and work furiously for a few weeks to create something that didn’t exist before. Theater kids get it done.

9. Fiddler on the Roof is a brave choice, in an age of too many Legally Blondes and Addams Familys. Long, literate, with religious and ethnic elements and a seriously downbeat second act. And yet…

8. This production emphasizes five daughters who insist times are changing, and bring about that change in the midst of a hostile world. That resonance was front and center last night.

7. Tradition, one of theater’s great opening numbers, performed beautifully by the company.

6. Joseph Falvo’s Perchik, earnest straight-man in the midst of the more eccentric ensemble. He made strident idealism sexy.

5. To Life, show-stopping, riotous fun.

4. Angelo DiGiorgio’s unhinged, hilariously over-the-top Lazar the Butcher.

3. Gia Andrews’ Yente, the Matchmaker, and Serafina Sortino’s Golde, who ably landed at least a dozen comic lines separately, and particularly in their scenes together.

2. The Bottle Dance, a tightrope bit of dancing that earned the night’s most spontaneous, delighted applause.

1. Michael Morrissey’s charismatically weary Tevye. If you don’t have the right Tevye, don’t even attempt Fiddler. Morrissey not only understands the character, he nails his asides to God/the audience with perfect inflection and easily holds the center of this production.

Final show – Saturday March 10th, 2018 at 1:30 PM
Tickets can be purchased at the door