Moss Island Movie Minute: Ant Man (2015)


Ant Man was produced by Marvel cum Disney – it’s a surprisingly well-crafted piece of entertainment junk food that doesn’t quite evaporate afterward; it sits uneasy in the psychic gut, and you wonder why you kept going long after you knew you should quit. This kind of cinema-by-committee seems harmless enough, until you realize its ilk is taking over popular culture and starving out better stuff. It says nothing, stands for nothing, unless you consider the meta irony of a putative anti-corporate fable being, in fact, a highly polished corporate product.

Movie Minute iconWatch this film if you love Paul Rudd, or if you love great film editing. Please don’t do what I did, and start Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) immediately afterward. I fell asleep and woke up four minutes later, dismayed the movie wasn’t over and hating myself for having sunk so low. The subsequent walk of shame to bed was a long walk, indeed.

Still, Dan Lebental and Colby Parker Jr. edited the hell out of this picture. Kudos to behind-the-scenes artists.