Sarah and The Boss (Whiplash Cuomo)

J.K. Simmons yelling at Andrew Cuomo while Sarah and Bruce Springsteen ride off into the sunset

In the first paragraph he blew my mind. By the fourth I felt my kidneys explode. But wait, that’s not all – if you click now, we’ll throw in a set of steak knives!

The headline is a joke, which you’ve figured out by now. Last night I said, “we’ll break the record for monthly site views if we get another few hundred visitors…” The obvious answer? Click bait. Mash the concepts from our most popular essays in a fabulous title, over-promise with a hyperbole-laden subtitle, sit back and listen to that record shatter. (Cue evil laugh.)

I used to send my friend Patti Robinson essays I didn’t think were “Facebook friendly.” One day she said, “You should start a blog.” So that’s why we’re here. (Patti also created the certain-to-be-award-winning icons for the site, and has offered countless suggestions.) This web site is ten months old and your response has vastly exceeded my expectations.

As March fades into April and the snow gradually recedes from Moss Island, I’m grateful for each person who’s taken the time to stop by, read a piece, listen to a podcast, and contribute opinions to this project. Thank you.

Coming soon: Spielberg film-by-film, Springsteen song-by-song, Top-Ten lists, lots of reviews and unfiltered opinions. More Sound Off contributors, and guest reviewers (WANTED: fearless theater critics.) Stay tuned!