Two Poems About Running

Running Bopple Hill at the Can Lake 50
Running Bopple Hill at the Can Lake 50

we lined up in the dark
mostly silent
checking laces and gear
and applying vaseline

the air was cool
but promised a wonderful day
the sun rose over the lake
and we ran the early miles
alone and thoughtful

when the hills started
we became companions
ten miles into our journey
and we shared easy stories
and smiled the entire time

and then we laughed
because the big hills had arrived
but actually it was us
who arrived and conquered

and still the miles passed
and the leaves were every shade of autumn
and the water sparkled
and we ran as new friends
sharing the day

thirty one miles
came almost too soon
at a little church
where there were sandwiches

and we all said goodbye
and we’ll see each other again
and then we left
to find other adventures
(but first, a shower).

Cresting the Hill
Cresting the Hill

in the cool and the rain
i saw my breath
and felt my heart beat
running hills

i heard the blood rushing
in my ears
and the splash
of rubber on pavement

i saw trees
springing to life
green buds and white and pink flowers
the air fresh and hopeful

and teenagers on porch steps
clung to one another
getting soaked

i ran and i wondered
how i’d considered
moments like this behind?

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