The first time I walked into Players of Utica was May, 1994. The group performed in a former church on Oxford Rd. in New Hartford, NY, where they’d been located since 1962. I remember a ramshackle building, peeling blue paint on the outside, entering through the downstairs and going up to get to the theater. The floors groaned, the stairs creaked, it smelled like a hundred years of must. I found it absolutely charming.

One of my favorite pop lyrics is Cat Stevens’ Father and Son (1970). “You’re still young, that’s your fault.” It’s the kind of line you struggle against: “How can it be my fault?” The older I get, the more I understand. I realize that youth was, and still is, my fault.

I am thankful for the Mothers I’ve known. They’ve nurtured me, inspired me, cheered for me and have even saved me. I am who I am because of them. Happy Mother’s Day, with love.

I made an amazing discovery during college: schoolwork is far more enjoyable when accompanied by beer. I’m convinced this is an essential part of the “college experience” – peer pressure has nothing to do with it. When I wrote this I tried to think of the most important things I learned in school, bored myself with internal rates of return and software development models… It all comes back to beer, anyway.