I don’t own a gun. I’ve never fired a gun. I considered volunteering for the armed services, but a friend pointed out that I’d probably have to fire a gun, and that was the end of that.

Sarah brought a striking reality to her key scenes. She introduced an element of danger, the sense that what was happening on stage had real consequences – something was at stake…I have to think others in the audience shared my sense – before everyone sung Happy Birthday during the bows, there was a subtle gasp from the audience when it was announced that Sarah was celebrating her 16th birthday.

At one point during the show, Sarah crossed through the dividing curtain and bumped into a tall black man. “I just need to go to the other side of the stage,” she said. “OK,” he replied. About that same time, Leon’s manager Bill Dustin reported that rapper 50 Cent had walked by. “Hey,” Bill said. “Hi,” Fiddy said. Leon was furious that Bill hadn’t told everyone sooner. Sarah: “I thought he was a security guard.”

Yes, I want an audience. Of course I do, I’m a writer. I want to be good to that audience, give them something valuable. I’m their audience in turn – I pay attention to what they share, provide feedback. Once, I would have said that social media isn’t really friendship, but I’ve come to think it might really be the essence of friendship.