Since we’ve been married, you’re a wonderful mother to our girl and two dogs, and our political and spiritual views have evolved together – something that doesn’t always happen. I respect you and I have no doubt about the respect others have for you – something I didn’t know would become important to me, way back in 1997.

Born To Run is really The Essential Bruce Springsteen, by His Hand and in His Voice (even if it isn’t, and it probably is; even if – and because – it could use a stronger editor.) What a book – a tour de force rock ‘n’ roll memoir/deconstruction. Here’s the rock star who decided he WOULDN’T die before he got old, because he sorta liked living.

Creator Gene Roddenberry summarized his idea as “Wagon Train to the Stars.” He imagined an Earth that had overcome hunger and poverty for all citizens, now traveling to other worlds to help others.