My initial Christmas list came in at an unwieldy 42 items, including dramas, sitcoms, specials and movies. To impose some order, I decided that the wonderfully arbitrary Top Ten format would control, and I limited the scope to sitcoms. Even that was tough, but this list, like all top ten lists, should start conversations and tell you something about the author. It is not definitive, except in the sense that it captures what I thought was best at a (sober) moment in time.

I waited in vain over 500 minutes for a twist that might align the show with something beyond its paranoid, easy target fantasies… The show never questions whether the hackers might be wrong – the group is unambiguously set up as virtuous, despite the implication of their name, fsociety. They love society!

Show Me a Hero arrives at a time when political leadership in the U.S. is increasingly extreme, less pragmatic, in platform and practice. Also, race relations in our country are not good. It was easy for most to believe they weren’t racist when groups like the Ku Klux Klan provided convenient figureheads. We’ve only begun to understand that institutional racism is the part of the iceberg underneath the water, vast and intractable.