Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is…well put-together, often impressive and sometimes enjoyable, and it doesn’t linger in the mind or the imagination. It’s movie pulp, entirely appropriate for a comic book adaptation. It seems clear Whedon knows all this, which might make him some kind of subversive genius…The best moments (the parts everybody talks about) are the silly (and inexpensive) ones – affectionate winks at the source material and meta jokes about the ridiculous constructs of a franchise tentpole.

[Amblin’] was shot in 1968, when Spielberg was 21, and is considered his first 35-mm film…Spielberg wrote, directed, and edited the film; it contains recognizable hallmarks (technical and thematic) – someone who didn’t know it was Spielberg’s would probably say it was influenced by him.